About Our Salon

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Create the career of your dreams—as part of the Bryce Jermain Salon Creative Collective.

The Vision

At Bryce Jermain Salon, we believe that with passion, vision, and hard work, we are all capable of achieving greatness. Whether you are just starting out or a veteran in the industry, we want to help you build a thriving career. Our Creative Collective was designed with the intent to elevate our work and support each others’ passion for our craft.

My hope is that you will discover your artistic brilliance here. That you will use it to inspire others and, at the same time, be open to learning from your counterparts. We are committed to a culture of creativity, growth, and mutual prosperity that is based on utilizing the finest products and most advanced techniques, ongoing education, and of course, teamwork. Through this commitment, I know you will find true professional and creative fulfillment.

Whether you desire the security of commission or the freedom of renting, Bryce Jermain Salon can be the perfect place to build your career. We provide product, marketing, ongoing education, and name recognition to all artists who work a chair in our salon. To inquire about current opportunities, please contact our salon director at 612.374.2214 or submit your resume to amber@brycejermainsalon.com.

Our Promise

Surround yourself with greatness at Bryce Jermain Salon. Our approach to business as a Creative Collective offers top talent the opportunity to grow in their craft over the lifetime of their career. Simultaneously, our unique vision is to passionately pursue ongoing education and to share in inspiring one another daily as we each seek to perfect the beauty in the world.

Clients at Bryce Jermain Salon can expect to benefit from the finest products and techniques and to experience unparalleled customer service in a relaxed, elegant atmosphere. Our promise to you is simple: we love creating flawless, classic looks that enhance your natural beauty and work with your lifestyle. Above all, we love making you feel brilliant inside and out. Because for us, it’s not about making you beautiful; it’s about revealing the beauty that’s already there.

Bryce Jermain Salon